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Media Planners and Buyers

Watch how USA TouchPoints is used to shape campaigns and define the media mix.

As the only syndicated consumer insight and cross-platform research product available, USA TouchPoints™ has been developed with media planners and buyers in mind.  Being able to understand consumer behavior based on location, activity, social setting and mood, by time of day and day of week, provides new insights and opportunities.

Our service supports many of the daily activities of media professionals:

Campaign Planning

  • Identifying new opportunities to connect with consumers
  • Developing differentiated strategies, messaging and tactics that resonate with consumers and deliver brand results
  • Identifying which cross-platform media to use, in which combinations, to leverage key moments of receptivity

New Business Pitches

  • Leveraging the unique breadth and depth of USA TouchPoints to develop competitive advantage in pitch situations
  • Saving time and money on consumer research with quantitative ethnographic day-in-the-life studies

Planning and Buying Alignment

  • Tightening the link between creative and media targets with behavioral and media insights
  • Bringing the planning objectives closer to the buying outcomes
  • Bridging the gap between planning and buying with contexts and currency available through USA TouchPoints fusions


  • Matching media choices to the flow of consumers’ daily lives – the customer journey
  • Allocating resources to media according to which are most likely to be used before, during and after relevant activities such as shopping, dining out, commuting etc.
  • Leveraging the best media for the campaign objectives along the path to purchase in ways that reflect consumer moods and context

Shaping Creative Messaging

  • Referencing relevant insights on life context, media use and mood

We provides subscriber workshops and training to integrate USA TouchPoints with agency processes, ensuring agency team members have a strong understanding of the data and how it can be used for maximum value.

In addition to subscription based access to USA TouchPoints, we have a full team of analysts available to design and conduct Custom Research.

Take a look at some of the interesting Facts and Insights that have been revealed by analysis of the USA TouchPoints data.


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